Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The End of An Era...

SPOILERS - This is the last post in the series of blogs.  Go back to the beginning if you're just joining us!

I have some grey news today I’m afraid... It’s my last blog post pertaining to my trip to Australia... But not to fear, there is good news at the end of the post.

Also, no pun for you today I’m afraid... I’m all juiced out.  It feels like someone pointed an “Oust Ray” to my head and emptied it of all creativity.  On second thought, I’m lying.  I’m telling a bold faced “Oust Ray Lie, Yeah.” One last one for the road!  You can now regain your sanity!

And that is no longer where I am writing from... 

You must be wondering why I haven’t updated my blog in over a month... Well, a month ago I started writing a post entitled: “A Month Left” and it just got me thinking that my time in Australia was almost up and I think that subconsciously, I kept delaying finishing it because I didn’t want to have to think and write about the fact that I was leaving Australia.  Nevertheless, trying to delay the inevitable never works... As I am the witness, sitting here in my parent’s house, back in Ottawa, 16 000 km away, the time came when I had to pack my bags and say my goodbyes.

For those of you who enjoyed reading this blog (I’m still not convinced these people exist...), I’m sorry I couldn’t give you more material to sink your teeth into... But I just couldn’t get myself to the same mindset I had been in while writing before.

It seems that only yesterday I was dreading having to pack my bags for 6 months.  The only Australian I had ever met was Lauren, who was on exchange at my school.  I had met her twice for brief periods of time and she instantly offered for me to live in her share house. I must say, Lauren, that I don’t even want to consider what my experience would have been without your offer.  Alright, let’s say it... CRAP!  It seems silly that your simple gesture set the tone for what, to me, turned into one of the most beautifully ephemeral periods of my life.  No worries... An Australian motto; basically the motto for my trip.  Although sweaty as hell for the major part of my stay, I was able to strengthen my sense of self and, for the most part, be completely at peace with that sense.  That, my Australian friends, is the greatest gift that you gave me throughout the ridiculously generous amount of gifts that I received during my stay (Seriously, I felt cheaper than a cheap student!).

It is with a heavy heart that I headed for the airport on that Wednesday morning.  Emotionally exhausted for having stayed up basically 3 days in a row before leaving (I went to my room, but I didn’t sleep much...), I was clutching to people, places and things that had made my experience what it was as they slowly seeped through my fingers like a fistful of sand.  Ask anyone who had the unfortunate task of accompanying me to the airport, I lost it.  At a loss for words, I gave my final hugs, picked up my bags, swallowed my courage and headed to security.

I’m glad my trip ended up taking so long (36 hours).  I needed some alone time to think things through and live out whatever had to be lived out.  Yes, I grieved for the end of that particular moment in my life and sorrow was the main theme but near the end of my trip I was no longer preoccupying myself with sadness.  I started thinking about possibilities of new adventures in the future.  That even though this particular one was over, the details pertaining to the adventures I was to have in the future were largely my choice. After that, things didn’t seem so bleak anymore.  I was, and am, in control (to the extent that one can be) of my future.  We do not decide when, how or where we encounter the people and places that influence us, but we do decide how to react to them.

As for this blog, I tried to use it to give you a window into my experience but there are countless experiences that I left out simply because there were too many to choose from...  Being Kidnapped to Byron Bay, Park Life, Tom and Kara’s 21st, the Normandy nights, Jess and I’s Sydney & Maryborough trips, the epic saga that was golf with the boys, the Wisest Wizard, countless nights on Caxton St. (whether they be inside or outside the manor).  I will most likely undertake another blog endeavour in January and will let you know then what is in store.

To my friends from Australia, I’m still at a loss for words... Thankfully, music has been there for me since I’ve been back and in the words of Marcy playground in their song, “Sex and Candy”, all I can muster up to convey my experience to others at this point is: “Mama, this surely is a dream...” (Link)  Your humility, generosity, kindness and blatant obliviousness to how cool you actually are gives me faith in our generation; worldwide(Those of you to whom this applies, you know who you are... Yeah! You!).

I leave you with a few pictures that have marked my trip and the solemn promise of: "Till next time".

Watching rugby at the Caxton. I love rugby.
My girls from exchange! Didn't get a photo with Kat :(
First night out with the coolest kids I know.
Kara's 21st. Da bomb.
Tom's 21st.  Never seen a birthday party like this one... lol
EDIT : Late addition following threatening comments... lol 

Your unconditional friend,

Joey Jo Jo


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